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Stainless Steel Perfect Angle™ - 14Pcs Nozzles

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Applying Caulk in Tight or Hard-to-Reach Places?

The Stainless Steel Perfect Angle will execute all your caulking jobs! The perfect joint nozzle tool for fast, smooth and continuous results.

✔️ 45° Angle Applies Like a Pro
✔️ 14 Different Sizes To Meet Any Needs
✔️ Suitable For Caulk and Sealant Jobs
✔️ Joints, Curves or Gaps
✔️ Windows, Glass, Cracks or Tiles

Long-Lasting Durable Seals

Ensure a solid seal with specialized steel nozzles that will allow caulk or glue to precisely dispense on the joints where it is much needed - you'll have a long-lasting and damage free home!


  • Multiple Edge Sizes: With 14 different sized nozzles, from 5mm - 35mm, there is complete control to customize any caulk job for every application.
  • Easy Sealing: Designed with a 45 degree mouth, it's filling and sealing  can do specific caulk jobs easily. There is less mess or uneven finishes and no more struggle with angles or corners - save your money!
  • Best For Detailed Work: Widely applied in the kitchen, bathroom and other interior spaces. Our caulk sealant applicator can fit and adjust any spot, from faucets, joints, sink fillings, handles to window or cracks.
  • Home Improvement Helper: You don't need experience to repair old joints and give your bathroom or kitchen a makeover. With plenty of nozzle sizes to fit all cracks or crevices, you can save money with a professional looking job.


  • Premium Stainless Steel, Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion


  • 1 x Stainless Steel Perfect Angle
  • 14Pcs Caulk and Sealant Nozzles
  • Sizes: 5/6/7/9/10/12/13/16/20/25/26/28/30/35mm


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Stainless Steel Perfect Angle™ - 14Pcs Nozzles