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3 Pieces Drill Brush Attachment Set

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SAVE TIME and GAIN EFFICIENCY in your daily cleaning!
It's much more fun to use the drill to clean than elbow grease!
Simply attach our brushes to your cordless drill and clean any surface with speed and ease.

As you know, scrubbing your entire bathroom by hand is both tiring and time consuming.

This drill kit allows you to harness the power of your drill to get rid of all the stains and dirt that naturally build up over time.

GET A DEEPER CLEAN- Attach our brushes to your cordless drill to create a high-powered cleaning tool just like the professionals use.

REMOVE SCUM AND GRIME- Instantly remove stubborn grime, dirt, mildew, mold, soap scum and hard water stains.

SAFE TIME AND EFFORT- Cut your cleaning time in half and let your drill do the work for you.

PREMIUM QUALITY- Our brushes are made with premium quality nylon bristles and will not scratch. 

 Clean those dirty grout lines between tile and marble.

✅ Remove built-up soap scum in tubs & showers.

✅ Get rid of sticky kitchen grease and grime.


1x Flat Brush (4 inches)
1x Bullet Shaped Brush
1x Detail Brush (2 inches)

FLAT BRUSH- Designed for flat surfaces. Use it on glass shower doors, tiles, stove tops, the bottom of your tub, glass oven doors, car tires, upholstery, and much more.

BULLET SHAPED BRUSH- Ideal for curved spaces like sinks, tight corners, and shelves built into the shower.

DETAIL BRUSH- Perfect for spot cleaning and detailing. Use it on small fixtures like faucets and overflow plates.

FITS ANY DRILL: Our brushes easily attach to any cordless drill.


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3 Pieces Drill Brush Attachment Set